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Decoded message:

I get into everything, I like to snoop around, I’m very active.
I need you to help me discover the world and make sure that it is a safe place for me.

Suggested actions:

Adapting your actions to be more receptive

Let your child explore the world around him at his pace.
He can finally go see the things that interest him.
He is becoming increasingly independent.
He wants to get dressed on his own, eat on his own.
He climbs, hangs from things, toddles or hops along.
He never stops.
He requires vigilance.
Don’t ask for his attention constantly, but accompany him through his explorations.
Spend time with him.
Set aside a moment in the day to play a quiet game, discover together something he doesn’t know and foster his curiosity.
Do not compare him to other children.
He is growing at his own rate and according to his own personality.
Plan some breaks along the day, moments where he can have some quiet time.
Your little one cannot live at the same pace as you do.
Respect his sleep and his daytime naps.
Establish a night-time ritual: follow the same bedtime routine every night. Prepare him for bed before he shows signs of fatigue.

Protecting/Taking charge

Make sure his environment is safe, that the stairway gate is well-adjusted and the electrical outlets covered.
This is the age when he will get his hands into everything.
Make sure dangerous products are out of his reach.
You will feel safer letting him explore freely. Give him a few simple rules and define limits to observe (not too many at a time) without denying him everything or protecting him.
Show him the objects he must not touch and tell him why.
You do not want him touching the remote control? Tell him that it is for mommy and daddy only, and put it out of his reach.
Always send the same message, whether it comes from mommy or daddy.

Choose games that will stimulate his thirst for learning and curiosity: cubes, shape games, picture books.
Develop his language by reading to him.
Explain what he sees, so he will learn to recognize the things he sees every day.
Your child likes to imitate you. Dolls, telephones, garages and cars are among the toys that will help him identify with you.
Encourage him to discover and learn by taking advantage of everyday activities to explain what you are doing or to answer his questions.

Staying close

Learn to understand your child’s enthusiasm and his boundless energy.
Your child is opening up to the world and discovering his body.
He is developing his passion for learning and making constant progress.
He is curious, seems to be all over the place.
Plan simple activities: give him a toy to change his mind, go for a stroll or a car ride, give him a special blanket or a plush toy.