1–3 years

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      The needs expressed by your child change with age.

1–3 years

Your child begins to explore and play more.

He wants to discover and take part in the activities around him. He is everywhere and into everything.

He uses words such as “no” to assert himself, in other words, to create a space of his own. Even though your child may let you out of his sight to explore and play a bit more, he still needs contact with you. When you give him no attention, your child can act in such a way that you will turn your attention to him again. For example, he can come closer to you or talk to you. Once he’s had attention and feels safe, he will move away again et continue to explore.

Your child may become distressed when you are out of sight but he will call you and look for you, rather than cry.

He gradually gets used to being away from you. After being apart from you, he will usually need some physical contact before returning to what he was doing.

Note: At this age, your child learns new skills, such as language, and can manage projects. He can understand your absence and be happy to be with you again. He learns to assert himself and tries to become your ally.