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Decoded message:

I feel safe and I do not need you near me all the time.
I want to play with my friends and learn how to share, respect others, be patient, and so much more.
I know that I can call on you if I need you.

Suggested actions:

Providing tender, loving care

Let your child play with other children as long as possible.
Ask him questions about his games and friends.
Show interest in his activities.
This shows your child that you care about him.
Show your child that you are proud of him when he successfully solves arguments on his own.
He then knows that his behaviour is appropriate and will be encouraged to repeat it.

Promoting play

Let him play with his friends without interrupting.
Encourage them to play hide-and-seek, give them puppets and dolls, so they can put together a play, cook with them or provide craft supplies.
Give them accessories so they can engage in pretend play – food containers, pretend money or a basket.
Help him understand his friends’ points of view, when a disagreement occurs.
Help him find a solution to the problem: "Luke, you want the blocks to build a house, but you and Jerome had them first and you want to keep them too. How could we solve this?”
Give special encouragement to a child who doesn’t want to share.
Place emphasis on the positive value of sharing.

Staying close

Remember that little ones are constantly watching adults: they imitate our good, but also our not-so-good behaviour.
Observe your child and see if you can help him join in with the others, when he has difficulty integrating a group or getting along with others.
Take him aside and discuss the situation with him, ask him where he would like to play and what he could do so that others would accept him.
Give him a toy that could promote group play, or suggest a group activity such as a ball game, or taking a nature walk and discovering small animals, etc.