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Decoded message:

I feel very good and I need to feel loved, I need you to hold me close. It’s time to cuddle!

Suggested actions:

Adapting your actions to be more receptive

Set aside a moment in your day for cuddling with your child.
Affectionate moments and physical contact are very important for the child as well as the parent.
Keep an eye on your child, to know when the time is right.
These are precious intimate moments.
Try to set some time aside for this each day.
You will come to look forward to these happy times together.

Staying close

Snuggle up with your child.
A child needs to be held, touched and stroked.
Hold him gently in your arms.
Look him in the eye.
Rock him gently and sing him a song or give him a massage.

Providing tender loving care

Provide basic care to your child (feeding, bathing, putting down to sleep) in a warm and comforting manner.