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Decoded message:

I need to know that you are near me and I want you to stay.

Suggested actions:

Staying close

Hold your child close and cuddle him.
This is a good time to rock your baby and sing him a lullaby.
Look him in the eye, at this special moment.
He will understand that he means the world to you!

Promoting play

Holding baby under both arms, sit him on your lap, facing you.
Help him stand up and bring him back to a sitting position, while smiling at him.
Stop and wait to see if he would like to start over.
If your child can crawl, let him crawl on the floor and put out objects that he will try to grasp.
When he is successful, pick him up and give him a big hug.
Repeat over and over until your child shows signs that he would like to move on to something else.