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Decoded message:

I need you to listen to me and to try to understand what I mean.
I don’t speak your language, but I need you to understand the sounds I make.

Suggested actions:

Staying close

Go see your child. It will be difficult to guess what your child is trying to communicate if you can’t see the expression on his face.
Look at your child and show him that you’ve heard him and that you are trying to understand what he is trying to say.

Making amends

Tell your child you are sorry that you don’t understand what he is trying to say.
You may not understand every sound your child makes.
Hold him in your arms if possible and walk him around the house until you understand where he wants to be or what he wants to see.
He may simply be asking you to hold him close.

Providing tender loving care

Speak softly to your child when you ask him what he is trying to tell you.
Show him, through your facial expression, that you want to understand him and smile when you succeed.
If he points to an object while making a sound, try to discover what he is talking about.
He will be delighted when you finally understand and find the right word.
Help your baby by suggesting a few key words: “Do you want the ball?”
Tell him that he is doing very well and that he can tell you if he wants anything else.