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The Magic Carpet Attachment module is an adaptation from

  • Guide Connections for Life/Guide Des liens pour la vie, Saskatchewan Prevention Institute
  • Keys to  Caregiving from the (NCAST-AVENUW) programs
    University of Washington School of Nursing
    Center on Human Development and Disability,
    Center on Infant Mental Health and Development
  • Natural Teaching Strategies sponsored by Health Canada (Children’s mental health unit) and prepared by The Child and Family Resiliency Team, including Linda McDonald, J. Alexander, Gerry M. Kysela, and E. Jane Drummond, from the University of Alberta. (The following people have contributed to the previous version of the manual: S. Wheaton, C. Martin and A. McClellan).


We would like to thank the following persons for their contribution:

  • Nicole Létourneau, professor at UNB and Canada Research Chair in Early Childhood Development
  • Vikie Thériault and Yan Boudreau for the narration

    as well as organizations and departments for their special contribution:
  • Health Canada 
  • Société santé en français
  • Departments of Health, Social Development and Intergovernmental Affairs
  • CCNB-Dieppe

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