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In this module, we have learned that children are born with the need to build close relationships with caring, sensitive adults. These significant relationships condition the child’s perception of himself the world, and his place in the world.

A strong and comforting bond with caring adults will help the child adapt more easily to various circumstances and overcome difficult situations throughout his life. This will help him see the world as a friendly, safe place to be.

If you are responsive to your child and learn to interpret his unique messages and signals, he will be the best guide you could possibly have.

You will need some time to grasp what your child is trying to convey. Relax and don’t worry about any mistakes you could make. All parents learn through experience. Above all, enjoy the first few years with your child, play with him and know that you will reap the benefits of a good education throughout your entire life. Being a PARENT; it’s as simple as that!