Meeting the needs

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Finding an answer to the needs by reacting quickly and responsively

Meeting your child’s needs quickly and responsively can make a world of difference. Your child senses several things through the care and attention you provide.

The faster you reply to the signals given by your child, the better! A quick reaction on your part helps your child associate the message he sends to your quick reply.

He understands that you love him and that he can count on you. This shows him that he is important to you.

You must take action immediately when your child is sick, hurt, alone, scared, upset or needs to be reassured. This helps him feel safe and safety is one of children’s greatest needs.

Don’t worry, reacting quickly to your child’s needs will not spoil him! On the contrary, it will help him develop a sense of trust.

Several factors strengthen attachment bonds. The most important is parents’ behaviour and how they react to the needs expressed by their child. The following behaviours can help you choose more specific actions to create these bonds.