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Naming the need

Once you recognize a signal, you must try to “decode” it and identify the need expressed by your child. This will help you decide how and when to respond.

Some signs tell you that your child needs you to do something for him, while others tell you that he needs some rest.

Understanding your child’s needs can take time and all children are different. The situation will become easier as you get to know your child.

A good practice would be to name the need you have identified, with your child. With time, your child will learn to communicate his needs through words and actions. He will then be able to let you know if he understood correctly. The child will feel that he is important and that you are taking care of him.

There is a lot to learn, as a parent. Learning to understand your child’s needs is a big challenge, but can also be very enjoyable!

Talk to your child and name the need you have identified. This will show him that you care for him.