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Overview of signals


Stop, look and listen (continued)


Here are some important signals given by childrens at various stages. Parents will see and decode these signals when they stop, look and listen!

Remember that your child may show other signs that are not included in this list.


0-3 mois 3-6 mois 6-12 mois
Messages Messages Messages
Crying Babbling Clinging
Clinging Raising his head Babbling
Turning his head and eyes in your direction Starting to cry when certain people are around or when certain events or noises occur Crying at the sight of strangers
Wrinking his forehead Crying/arching his back Searching for or calling to his parent
Spitting/vomiting/choking Wiggling /kicking Staying close to the parent
Staying still / listening Looking away and pushing his parents away Showing signs of distress when the parent leaves
Making suckling noises Happy-faced, eyes bright and wide open Smiling at the sight of his parents
Snuggling Smiling Laughing and clowning around
  Reaching out with both arms Making noises


1-3 years 3-5 years
Messages Messages

Moving away slightly, while keeping an eye on his parents

Wanting to spend more time with friends
Exploring his environment/playing with other children Becoming upset when left alone
Crying during the entire time the parent is absent Expressing his emotions while away from his parents
Calling out in distress/actively searching parents when they are out of sight Wanting to be more involved in decisions that affect him
Wanting to learn new things Using facial and non-verbal expressions
Beginning to use the word "NO" Asking questions constantly