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Stop, look and listen

Your child communicates what he needs by sending signals. It is sometimes difficult to recognize these, but trying to decode them is part of the wonderful adventure of parenthood.

Since these signs can be difficult to recognize, you may miss a few. When this happens, your child will send you other signals that will be even stronger and that you will surely hear! These will come out as cries or screams. It is best to detect the first signals and to avoid your baby the additional frustration and effort.

During the first few months of life, your baby will show you that he needs someone to take care of him. For example, he may: cry, cling to someone, babble and smile.

As he grows, your child will learn to communicate his needs more effectively. He will use more signals to show you what he needs. He may use words and facial expressions such as smiling, staring, wrinkling his forehead or crying with tears to express his needs.

Your child can also use movements such as tightening his fists, nodding or shaking his head rather than saying yes or no, or reaching out his hand.

Remember that you will need to stop, look and listen your baby to “decode” his messages!

Here are some very important signs that you should keep an eye out for, based on your child’s age. You will certainly discover many more.

 Click here to see the signals