From 1 to 2 years

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From 1 to 2 years

Your child will experience major changes between his first and second birthday.

At this time he will learn to speak and walk.  He will also start to explore and discover the world around him.  He wants to see, touch and taste everything.

Your child will go through the "NO" stage.  This is the stage where the child learns to assert himself.  He can experience frustrations and temper tantrums.

You must be patient and understand that he is learning to assert himself in his choices. These new means of communication will help him better communicate his feelings.

Before the age of  2, a child is not developed enough to watch television. It is preferable to organise other activities to keep him busy.

You can try the following ideas to keep your child busy for a certain period to time:

  • sit your child in front of a window where he can see birds flying, leaves blowing in the wind, snowflakes falling or children playing.
  • sit your child in front of an aquarium where he can see the fish swimming.