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From 3 to 5 years

Answer questions

At that age, children are curious and ask a lot of questions.

They want to know how things work and often ask "Why?", "Why?", "Why?".


When you answer your child’s questions, he becomes more confident.  He will continue to learn by asking questions.  This will help him develop self-esteem.


Take your child’s questions seriously and help him find his own answers. 

This will help him to:

  • develop his curiosity;  
  • ask other questions;  
  • know you respect his ideas;
  • learn to respect other people`s ideas;
  • understand that it is ok not to know everything
  • realise that it’s fun to look for answers.


When your child asks a lot of questions and you think you might lose patience, try this:

  • Tell him it is a good question and ask him a question such as: "How about you, what do you think?" A good open question will allow the child to reflect longer and will encourage him to find his own answers. 
  • Tell him you are tired at the moment and you will help him find an answer later.  In the meantime, try to find another activity to occupy him.  This could allow you to take a break and be in a better mood.