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Learning to talk

From 1 to 2 years

Learning to talk

Between the ages of one and two, children learn a lot of words.  They can say their name, name people and objects.  They can even make short sentences.

They also start to understand more words and some simple directives.

They will use these new words to communicate their feelings.




It is recommended that you make a habit of reading a book to your child every day.  Please remember that the child likes to look at the person who is reading because he also looks at facial expressions.  He learns how others express their feelings by observing them.



To help your child learn how to talk:

Listen to him attentively. Listen to what he wants to tell you.
Ask him questions to better understand him.
Talk to him. Repeat the name of simple things: the apple, the dog, the truck..
Tell him what you are doing: "I am washing the cup", "Come and play in the park".
Read to him. Show him pictures and describe what you are seeing: "This is an elephant. He is big isn’t he?".
Ask him to name the things and ask him questions.




Create your own book!

Invent a story.

Draw pictures on some sheets of paper or carton and staple them together.

Add your child’s name in the story because he very much likes to hear his name.

Insert a picture of your child in your book.

Tell your child the story while he is looking at the pictures.

Add emotion to your voice when you are reading certain parts of your story.

This will help your child recognize different feelings.