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Make your child participate

From 3 to 5 years

Make your child participate

At this age, children like to show what they are able to do.  They want to act like grown-ups.

By allowing your child to help you, you show that you trust him.  He will be happy and feel a part of the family.

Show your appreciation and this will encourage the child to help you more often.

When you allow your child to help you

  • He feels respected
  • He is proud because you trust him
  • He will want to learn to do other things

Avoid paying too much attention to unsuccessful tasks, as this could cause your child to want to stop doing them.  He could feel inadequate and loose his self-confidence.  

Congratulate your child for successful tasks.



Encourage your child to try to do new things.  This will promote his self-confidence.  Children need to know they can learn to do a lot of things.  Each little success is important to a child and will help build his self-esteem.


 You can try the following to encourage your child’s efforts:

  • Explain that you will show him how to do something.
  • Remember that most tasks require some practice, thus, do not expect too much of him.
  • Congratulate him for trying and tell him that he did good work even though things are not perfect.
  • Avoid redoing the work that your child has done, even if it is not exactly what you wanted.  If you need to do so for safety reasons, explain why you are doing it.



Following are a few tasks you can give to a child of that age:  Take pictures of these activities. They will help keep good memories.


  • Fold towels and facecloths
  • Store his toys in the toy box
  • Take an article to his room
  • Put your sweater on your bed
  • Store groceries on the lower shelves in the kitchen
  • Store his shoes in the closet
  • Draw or colour a nice picture to decorate a wall
  • Gather leaves in the fall
  • Cut cookies from the dough.