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People do not live in isolation from others and cannot control everything that goes on around them.

Adaptation is the power to be open to other people’s ideas, opinions and feelings and to accept that they we are not always right. 
It is the ability to adapt to changes when necessary and to adjust to be able to get back to regular life activities.
It is the ability to get back on one’s feet after experiencing life’s difficulties, upheavals or hardships.

The DesForces family and …adaptation

Scenario :

Grand-pa is getting ready to read a story to Anne and Marc. The doorbell rings and one of Grand-pa’s friends comes for an unexpected visit. He is happy to see his friend, but Anne and Marc still want Grand-pa to read them a story as was planned.

To Awaken Anne and Marc’s force of adaptation, Grand-pa could say:

Grand-pa didn’t know that his friend would come for a visit, but I would really like to sit with her. If you let me talk to my friend, I will read you a story tonight before going to bed.

And then, to Acknowledge the force of adaptation shown by Anne and Marc, Grand-pa could say:

It was very nice of you to go play outside while my friend was visiting. I don’t see her very often. Thank you for agreeing to change our plans.

In order to Stimulate the growth of the force of adaptation, Grand-pa could say:

You changed you plans for Grand-pa this afternoon. I would very much like to read your story now. Afterwards, we could sing your favorite song.

Without knowing it, Anne and March developed their ability to adapt.