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To be confident is to rely on oneself, on others and in life.
It is to believe in oneself, in one’s abilities, forces and weaknesses.
It is hoping that things will go well without trying to control them or to make them happen, exactly as you trust that the sun will come out in the morning.
Confidence brings you do to new things. You don’t allow fear or doubt to stop you from doing what you really want to do.

The DesForces family and… confidence:

Scenario :

Anne is sitting in the living room and is colouring in a colouring book that she received as a gift. She is trying to colour but is getting angrier by the minute because she cannot manage to colour within the lines of the drawing. She throws her crayon on the floor and says: « I can’t do this! » and joins her Grand-pa who is reading a book close by …

To Awaken confidence in Anne, Grand-Pa could say:

It is hard to learn to colour and it requires practice. What could Grand-pa do to help you colour even better? Your drawing is already very nice even if you went over the lines in certain places. Be confident and you will succeed in colouring within the lines.

And then, to Acknowledge Anne’s confidence, Grand-pa could say:


Grand-pa understands that it is sometimes frustrating when we learn to do new things. Even if you were not happy, you had confidence in yourself and you went back and practiced your colouring. This was nicely done. I am sure you will get better with practice.

In order to Stimulate the growth of confidence, Grand-pa could say:

Look how nice your two drawings are Anne. I can see that the second one is better than the first. Be confident! If you continue to practice you will get better. Why don’t we put your drawings up on the wall?

Without knowing it, Anne has developed her force of confidence.