A good start in life

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The first years of a child’s life are very important.  His experiences will influence how he will « act » and « be » with himself, with others, and with everything that surrounds him.

As a tree needs water and warmth to stimulate growth and produce fruits, a human being needs love, the joy of living and harmony

LOVE is a feeling, an emotion that a human being feels and expresses by his thoughts, gestures and words.  To love and be loved is necessary to a person’s wellbeing.  


Love feeds the JOY OF LIVING which allows a person to have a positive outlook on life and have hope for the future. 


Love and the joy of living bring HARMONY in everyone’s life.  It is this harmony that allows a person to live in peace with himself, with others and with his environment.



When you provide for your child’s need for love, joy of living and harmony, you will help him be in better spiritual health and give him a good start in life.