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To be responsible is to take one’s commitments seriously. It is doing things in the best possible way.
It is to admit making mistakes.
To be responsible means:

  • others can count on me;
  • I accept the consequences of my words and of my actions.

Give the child small tasks that will help develop his sense of responsibility and his reliability.

The Des Forces family and… responsibility

Scenario :

Sophie promised that she would help pick up the puzzle if Mommy agreed to do it with her. Mommy plays with Sophie and when the puzzle is completed, Sophie is getting ready to go play outside. The puzzle is on the table and Mommy gets up to do the dishes.

In order to Awaken Sophie’s force of responsibility, Mommy could say:

Sophie, do you remember your promise? What could happen if we leave the small pieces lying around? Yes, we could lose them and Marc could put them in his mouth and suffocate. Is there something I can do to help you keep your word?

And then to Acknowledge the responsibility taken, Mommy could say:

Sophie, you kept your promise and picked up the pieces of the puzzle before going outside to play. This is very responsible on your part. Thank you. We can do another puzzle tomorrow if you want.

In order to Stimulate the growth of the force of responsibility, Mommy could say:


This morning I promised that we would visit your aunt Helen so you can spend time with your cousin Josée. I am a little tired, but I will also keep my promise. At what time do you want to go?

Without knowing it, Sophie developed her force for responsibility.