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Self-esteem is the opinion a person has about himself.

It is to feel competent and to be acknowledged as such by others.
The child forms his opinion of himself by considering his qualities and the whole of his forces, but also by taking into account his own imperfections, his difficulties and his limits.
The child who is considered like a unique and important person, as a person in his own right, develops a good self-esteem.

The DesForces family and …self-esteem

Scenario :

Anne, Sophie and Marc are in the kitchen making cookies with Grand-pa. Marc accidently drops the bowl containing the cookie dough and the flour spreads on Anne. She has flour up to the tip of her nose. Grand-pa and Sophie start laughing. Anne starts crying…

To Awaken Anne’s self-esteem, Grand-pa could take Anne in his arms and tell her:

Grand-pa and the others are not laughing at you Anne. Don’t you also find it funny that you look funny with this flour all over you? Personally, I think you look very pretty like this. It looks like a disguise. Look at Grand-pa who also put flour on his nose.
Why are you laughing you naughty little girls?

And then, to Acknowledge self-esteem, Grand-pa could say:

Grand-pa can see you have been able to laugh. It was funny to see us with flour on the tip of our noses, was it not?
You gave us a good opportunity to laugh, Anne.

To Stimulate the growth of self-esteem, Grand-pa could say:

Do you remember the time when Grand-pa spilled a glass of milk on Minou’s head? You laughed and Grand-pa understood you were not laughing at him. The situation was funny. We can sometimes have small accidents that make others laugh.

Without knowing it, Marc, Anne and Sophie developed their self-esteem.