The sense of wonder

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The sense of wonder

The sense of wonder is to let oneself be aroused by the beauty of everything that surrounds us and which is often overwhelming.
The sense of wonder will cause the child to open his eyes and his heart to see his own forces.
In order for a child to develop a sense of wonder, he needs:

  • moments to observe what is going on around him.
  • to be accompanied in the admiration of all this beauty
  • to find answers to his questions, for example « Where does it come from? », « Who made that »?

 The DesForces family and…the sense of wonder 

Scenario :

Marc and Sophie are playing on the lawn. Daddy is working in the garden. Sophie notices a few ants and asks Daddy to come and see. The three of them kneel down to better see what the ants are doing. They are carrying large pieces of food on their backs to take to their nest. Daddy calls Anne so she can also come and see.

In order to Awaken the sense of wonder in Sophie, Marc and Anne, Daddy could say:

Wow! What are they doing? The pieces of food they are carrying on their backs are so big. How do they do that? It would be the same thing as Marc carrying Daddy on his back! This would be impossible! They must eat a lot of vegetables! Where are they going with this food?

And then, to Acknowledge the sense of wonder shown by Sophie, Marc and Anne, Daddy could say:

What did you like and what did you learn by watching the ants working? You have good eyesight because they are so small. How do you feel when you find beautiful or bizarre things? Where do you think they come from? If you see more of them, tell me because I also like looking at live creation. It is so big that it overwhelming.

In order to Stimulate the growth of the sense of wonder, Daddy could say:

I also saw a yellow butterfly flying among the flowers in the garden. I looked at it for at least 5 minutes. Let’s get Mommy and we will try to find other little wonders that are so beautiful and mysterious!

Sans s’en rendre compte, Sophie, Marc et Anne développent la force de l’émerveillement.