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Sharing is to accept to take a part of one’s share and give it to someone else.

It is lending what is ours or accepting that everyone should get the share they deserve.
To develop sharing, it is necessary to establish clear rules to determine how objects, toys, and different areas of the house will be used and by whom they will be used.

The DesForces family and… sharing

 Scenario :

Sophie, Anne and Marc are in their pyjamas and are preparing for bed. Anne wants to eat cereals before going to bed. Sophie also wants the same cereals. There is only a small quantity left in the box. A quarrel follows concerning who will have the cereals. Marc observes his two sisters. Mommy comes into the kitchen and finds her two girls fighting over the cereal box…

In order to Awaken sharing in Anne and Sophie, the mother could say:

Sophie and Anne, I know you want the same cereals but there is only a little left in the box. What could you do to share the rest of the cereals and keep you smile rather than to fight. Yes, good idea Sophie, it’s true, you could divide the rest of the cereals between the two of you and add bananas to your bowl. What do you think Anne?

And then, to Acknowledge the sharing that was shown by Sophie and Anne, the mother could say: ;

Sophie and Anne, you have made an effort by searching for a solution to your cereals problem. This shows that you are able to share. How do you feel about sharing now?

In order to Stimulate the growth of sharing, the mother could say:


Given that we need more cereals, the three of us will go to the grocery store and choose another box of cereal for tomorrow night. Let’s go.

Without knowing it, Sophie and Anne develop their forces for sharing.