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You are presently in the Parent Connection section that deals with the spiritual awakening and spiritual development of young children.

The parent`s role in the spiritual development of a child is as important as his role in the child’s emotional, intellectual, physical and social development. 

To accompany a child in his spiritual development, the parent must awaken the forces of character that the child already possesses at birth, acknowledge and name them.  The parent will help the child find answers to his many questions « Why » and to find a real meaning to his life.

The development of these forces will provide the child with the ability to make informed choices all through his life, thus allowing him the possibility to experience love and the joy of living, and live in harmony with himself and others, as well as with the world that surrounds him.

The tool we are offering in this section provides examples of ways to talk to your child and of life experiences you could have with him that could lead him to have better relationships with people he meets.  This might provide him with a better quality of life.

And now, 1-2-3, let’s take a trip in the magical world of early childhood spiritual awakening.